Oncology & Onco Surgery

Care for every Cancer.

Oncology & Onco Surgery

This is the study and treatment of cancer. Cancer care is complex and very often prolonged.

Cancer care is very intense and takes a toll on the doctor, the patient and also their attenders. Our expert oncologists maintain an advanced standard of care and ensure a multi-disciplinary approach customizing treatment to individual patients. Our cancer care unit called optimal oncology offers comprehensive and dedicated care to cancer patients. We set new benchmarks by offering precision oncocare in both medical and surgical oncology.

The Oncology & Onco-Surgery Department is a dedicated centre that offers comprehensive cancer care including prevention, diagnosis, treatment and palliative care for all age groups. Oncology is the branch of medicine concerned with the diagnosis of cancer and therapies including surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and other modalities. Surgical oncology is the branch of surgery which focuses on the surgical management of cancer.

Lifeline Hospitals offers surgical cancer treatment for varying types of cancer of the head, neck, lungs, breast, blood, kidney, spine, stomach, and so on, based on its stage and criticality. Our cancer care center uses some of the most advanced machinery and equipment to treat cancer. This makes us one of the leading hospitals to have such ultra-modern treatment options that match international standards. Our fully-equipped cancer center and skilled oncologists offer world class surgical oncology treatment options that vouch to deliver the best and successful outcomes.

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