Dr. Niraj Joshi

Dr. Niraj Joshi
Consultant Ent, Head & Neck Surgeon

M.B.B.S., M. D., D. L. O., F. A. G. E., Ph.D

Dr. Niraj Joshi is well trained in microscopic , endoscopic, Laser Assisted Surgeries for Ear, Nose, Throat, Head & Neck, and Skull. He has substantial expertise in the following:

1.Otological Surgical Procedures like Mastoidectomies, Tympanoplasties, Tympanotomies, Stapedotomies, Ossicular Reconstructions, Various other procedures involving Otological Manifestations.

2.Nasal Procedures –Microdebridor and Endoscopic Assisted Nasal Surgeries, FESS, Septoplasty, SMR, Maxillectomy, LASER Asstd Nasal DCR Surgeries, Endoscopic Trans–Sphenoid Pituatory Approach, CSF Rhinorrhoea Closure, Septo-Rhino-Plasties.

3.Laser, Coblator Assisted Vocal Cord Surgeries, Thyroplasties, Thyroid Surgeries, Parotid Tumours Excision, Laryngectomies, Tracheostomies, Salivary gland Surgeries, various other Head & Neck Procedures.

4.Snoring Surgery – Laser, Coblator, Radio Frequency, Assisted UPPP, Tongue Channeling, Hyoid Advancement, Tonsillectomies, Adenoidectomies, Choanal Atresia Repair, Nasal and Nasopharyngeal Tumours Excision.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Laser Dentistry
  • Advanced Implantology
  • Stem Cell (PRF) Therapy
  • Minimally Invasive Gum Surgeries
  • Sleep Dentistry
  • Smile Designing
Academic Qualifications


M.D. (Physician)
Rostov Medical University, Rostov-on-dov, Russia

(2006 - 2008)

Sri Ramachandra Medical University, Chennai


F.A.G.E. (Fellow in Academy of General Education)
Manipal University , Karnataka


Oro-Pharyngeal Malignancy treatment in management of pain and psychological assessment.
Professional Registration
Reg. no : 14972
Indian Association of Surgeons for Sleep Apnoea (IASSA) Lifetime Member
Work experience

(2001 - 2002)

Kilpauk Government Medical college, Chennai

(2002 - 2006)

Observer, Duty Doctor
Chitra's ENT, Laser surgery super Specialty Hospital, Chennai

( Current )

Consultant ENT, Head & Neck Surgeon
LIMA (Lifeline Institute of Minimal Access Surgery), Chennai

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