Dr J. S. Rajkumar

Dr. J S Rajkumar
Dr. J. S. Rajkumar

M.S., F.I.C.S., Dip. N.B. (SURG.), F.R.C.S. (ENG.), F.R.C.S. (EDIN.), F.R.C.S. (GLASGOW), F.R.C.S. (IRELAND), F.I.M.S., F.A.I.S., F.R.M.S. (LONDON), F.A.E. (GASTRO), F.A.C.G. (USA), F.I.C.A. (USA), F.I.A.G.E.S., Dip M.I.S. (FR.)


Dr. J.S. Rajkumar is one of the pioneers in laparoscopic surgery with an experience of more than 26,000 surgeries, with special expertise in many highly complex procedures.

Other highlights of his medical activities

  • Delivered more than 200 technical lectures
  • Conducted more than 35 surgical workshops
  • Co-authored more than 35 peer-reviewed scientific papers
  • Conducted more than 30 free laparoscopy camps
  • Has extensive teaching experience, including the examiner for FRCS
  • (Co-)authored 10 books, 9 of them on in medicine
  • Office bearer in many association of surgeons

He has also received several awards and recognitions, including:

  • Vaidhya Ratna award, 2004
  • Gold medal in MS General Surgery 1989 (Departmental)
  • Gold Medal in MS General Surgery (University)
  • 32 gold medals during MBBS
  • Johnstone gold medal during MBBS 1985
  • NCERT national topper 1979
  • State rank in PUC 1979
  • State rank in SSLC (matriculation) 1978
Surgical Skills and Achievements

Dr JS Rajkumar is easily one of the pioneering Laparoscopic Surgeons in the India, and among the best in the world. Till date, he had performed more than 26,000 laparoscopic surgeries. He has clearly established leadership position in several laparoscopic surgical techniques:

Lap Bariatric, Diabetic and Metabolic Surgeries

  • Performed the first laparoscopic bariatric surgery in South India in 2002
  • Handles one of the highest volume in Tamil Nadu
  • One of the handful of surgeons in the country who handles the complete range of metabolic surgeries, including Bilary-Pancreatic Diversion and SGIT (Sleeve Gastrectomy with Ileal Transposition)
  • Has performed all bariatric/metabolic surgeries through single hole laparoscopy (SILS)

Lap Anti-reflux surgery (lap fundoplication)

  • One of the largest series of Laparoscopic Fundoplication in the country

Lap Esophagectomy

  • Handled the world’s first thoraco-lap esophagectomy to be performed on a HIV patient

Lap Gastrectomy

  • One of the largest volumes in the country

Gall Bladder removal (lap cholecystectomy)

  • Large volume of cholecystectomy (gall bladder removal) surgeries
  • First single-port gall bladder removal in Chennai

Lap Whipple’s

  • One of the few surgeons who regularly performs lap Whipple’s

Lap Liver Resection

  • Set up one of the few specialized centers in the contry
  • Was part of the team that handled the first liver transplant (through open surgery) in the country, 1995

Colorectal Surgery

  • Performs single hole colorectal lap surgery
  • National mentor for colorectal

Surgical Treatment for Obstructive Defecation Syndrome


  • Interestingly, Dr JS Rajkumar had performed the first ever case (in the world) of single-port appendectomy in a situs-inversus patient (all the organs in reversed position)


  • Innovated several painless techniques


  • Performed the 1st Stapler Hemorroidectomy in Chennai
  • Published the original article on Stapler Hemorroidectomy way back in 1999
  • Till date, handles the largest volume of Stapler Hemorroidectomy in Chennai

Hernia Repair

  • Trained more than 200 surgeons in lap hernia repair
  • Performed the only recorded case in the world where 6 hernias were repaired in a person, in a single setting
  • Performed the first and only case of thoracoscopic correction of diaphragmatic hernia in a pregnant woman

Lap Hysterectomy

  • Handles all type of hysterectomy through lap surgery
  • Converted LIMA into a specialty center for lap TLH (total laparoscopic hysterectomy)

Lap Myomectomy

  • Innovated new methods, including morcellation and natural orifice extraction

Lap Burch Colposuspension

  • Performed the 1st case in Chennai
  • Handles the largest quantity in Chennai

Mastered other lap techniques like

  • Gasless Laparsocopy using Laparolift
  • Endoscopic ‘Endo-cinch’ procedure for reflux disease
  • Pseudocyst laparoscopic surgery

Performs all the following ‘Scarless’ surgeries

  • Appendectomy
  • Bariatric Surgery
  • Cholecystectomy
  • Fundoplication
  • Hernia Repair
  • Hysterectomy
  • Metabolic Surgery
  • Thyroidectomy (hidden scar)

Till date (end of 2015), Dr JS Rajkumar has performed more than 26,000 laparoscopic surgeries.

Academic Qualifications & Awards


FRCS (Edinburgh)

1989 - 1990

FRCS (England)

1989 - 1990

FRCS (Glasgow)

1989 - 1990

FRCS (Ireland)


Dip N. B. (Surgery)
National Board of Examination, Delhi

National Gold Medalist


University of Madras (The Tamil Nadu Dr MGR Medical University, Chennai)
Gold Medalist



Madras Medical College (The Tamil Nadu Dr MGR Medical University, Chennai)
Secured 32 Gold Medals &
Johnstone Gold Medallist


PUC (Pre-University Course)
Loyola College, Madras University, Chennai
Secured State Rank


Matriculation Exam
Don Bosco, Egmore, Chennai
Secured State Rank

1979 - 1985

National Topper
NCERT Scholar
Professional Registrations and Memberships
Tamil Nadu Medical Council (part of Indian Medical Council)


Royal Society of Medicine (London) (FRSM)


International College of Surgeons, Chicago (FICS)


American College of Gastroenterology (FACG)
American College of Surgeons (FACS)


International College of Angiology (FICA)


Indian Association of Surgeons (FIAS)


International Medical Sciences Academy (FIMSA)


American Association of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M)


Madras Medical College (FMMC)
Indian Association of Gastrointestinal Endo Surgeons (FIAGES)


Minimal Access Surgery Association of India (FMAS)


Association of Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery (FALS)


Association of Colon & Rectal Surgeons of India


International Society for Laser Surgery and Medicine (FILS)
Positions Held


Consultant, Surgical Gastroenterology
Malar Hospitals, Chennai

Since 1997

Chairman and Chief Surgeon
Rigid Hospitals Pvt Ltd (owners of LIMA Keyhole Surgery)

Since 2014

Tamilnadu MGR Medical University
Adjunct Professor
Books Authored

September 2015

Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery
Volume 4 of 14, Step by Step Manual of Laparoscopic Surgery

Volume co-authored with Dr Neha Shah

June 2015

Scalpel Scribbles
Collection of poetry and prose (non-surgical)



Get Kindle version from Amazon: amzn.com/B01G91QD2W

21st November, 2012

Short Cases in Surgery, Including Orthopaedics
Co-authored with Dr C. M. K. Reddy



April 2012

Clinical Signs in Surgery
Co-authored with Dr CMK Reddy



November 2007

Naveena Sigichaigal
Book on modern medicine, written for the Tamil laypress

October 2006

Oru Saan Ulagam
Book on Gastroentrology, written for the Tamil laypress

Title loosely translates to “A World in Nine Inches”



June 2006

Current Management of GERD
Compiled and Edited with Dr Shanthi Vijayaraghavan



April 2001

Scientific Basis of Surgery Practice
Co-authored with Dr CMK Reddy

Now a recommended read in India, UK, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, etc.



The Digestive System
Book on Gastroentrology



Book on Gastroentrology, written for the Tamil laypress



Scientific Publications


Cancer and Obesity: The Cause, The Connect, and The Way Ahead
Journal of Obesity & Metabolic Research – Jan-Mar 2015 – Vol.2 – Issue 1

October 2014

Gut-Endocrine Axis-A Route for Diabetes Cure through Surgery
Indian Journal of Endocrine Surgery Vol.11, Issue 1


Meralgia Paraesthetica: Laparoscopic Surgery as a cause then and a cure now
Journal of Minimal Access Surgery – July l- September 2014 – Vol 11 - Issue 3


SILS – Trans Anal Edoscopic microsurgery – A technological innovation
Journal of Minimal Access Surgery – April-June 2014 – Vol 10 - Issue 2
Convergence of adipocyte hypertrophy, telomere shortening and hypoadinectinemia in obese subjects and in patients with type 2 diabetes
Clinical biochemistry (Eisevier CLB 08106: No of pages 7 :4C)

Co-authored with Finny Minickaraj, Kuppan Gokulkrishnan, Parasivam Prabhu, Chandrakumar Sathishkumar,
Ranjit Mohan Anjana, Vishwanathan Mohan, Muthuswamy


Plasticity and Banking Potential of Cultured Adipose Tissue Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Cell and Tissue Banking. (Springer Publication)

Co-authored with M Dhanasekaran, S Indumathi, A Kanmani, R Poojitha, D Sudarsanam

Surface Antigenic Profiling of Stem Cells from Human Omentum Fat In Comparison with Subcutaneous Fat and Bone Marrow

Co-authored with M Dhanasekaran, S Indumathi, A Kanmani, KM Revathy, D Sudarsanam


Long term culture optimization of human omentum fat derived mesenchymal stem cells
Cell Biology International

Co-authored with M Dhanasekaran, S Indumathi, D Sudarsanam


Effect of high glucose on extensive culturing or mesenchymal stem cells derived from subcutaneous fat, omentum fat and bone marrow.
Cell Biochem and Function - Wiley

Co-authored with M Dhanasekaran, S Indumathi, D Sudarsanam


Unravelling the retention of proliferation and differentiation potency in extensive culture of human subcutaneous fat derived mesenchymal stem cells in different media.
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Co-authored with M Dhanasekaran, S Indumathi, Rashmi Mishra, Sudarsanam D


Transdifferentiation of Human Omentum fat derived Mesenchymal stem cells in to pancreatic beta cells.
Cell Biochem and Function – Wiley

Co-authored with M Dhanasekaran, S Indumathi, R Harikrishnan, Rashmi Mishra


A comprehensive study on optimization of proliferation and differentiation potency of bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells under prolonged condition.
Cytotechnology – Springer Publications

Co-authored with M Dhanasekaran, S Indumathi, Sudarsanam D


Exploring the constituents of human breast milk: A New avenue in regenerative medicine
Cytotechnology – Springer Publication

Co-authored with S Indumathi, M Dhanasekaran, JS Rajkumar, Sudarsanam D


Autologous Stem Cell Therapy for Diabetes: An Exciting New Frontier Opens
Indian Journal of Clinical Practice

Co-authored with M Dhanasekaran, S Indumathi, RP Lissa


BMSC better than ADSC: Transdifferentiation into β cell
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Co-authored with M Dhanasekaran, S Indumathi, Sudarsanam D


Heterogenous stem cells from non sorted versus sorted mononuclear cells from Bone Marow: A FACS Based Approach
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Characterization of hematopoietic stem cells, mesenchymal stem cells and side population cells from adipose tissue.
International Journal of Biology 2(1): 71-78

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Characterization of cytotherapeutic potential of subpopulation versus stem cells from Bone Marrow
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Autologous bone marrow derived mononuclear cell therapy for spinal cord injury: A phase I / II clinical safety and primary efficacy data
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Co-authored with Ravikumar Ratnagiri, S. Narayanan, and S. Abrham

Jan-Mar 2008

Anti Diabetic Effects of Bariatric Surgery
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Primary Stercoral Perforation of the Colon – Rare but deadly
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Hepatic Adnomatosis – A role double complication of Multiple adenoma rupture and malignant
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April 2005

Evaluation of the Efficacy, Tolerability and Safety of a fixed dose combination of Esomeprazole 20mg+ Sustained released Domperidone 30mg once daily in Indian patients with Dyspepsia associated with Gastroesophageal Reflux disease
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Stapler Haemorrhoidectomy
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Laparoscopic Excision of Retroperitoneal Schwannoma
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Vol-9(11): PD05-PD7

Sep 2015

Single – Incision Multiport Appendicectomy for a Patient with Situs Inversus Totalis: First case report
Sultan Qaboos University Med Journal


Role of Sodium Phosphate in Bowel Wash
Journal of Clinical Practice
Surgical Workshops "Conducted"

Dr JS Rajkumar has conducted various workshops and surgical demonstrations all over the country, for the benefit of GI Surgical community. Below is the list of some selected events:

  • Faculty for Surgical Demonstration in SELSICON on August 2015, Kochi
  • Faculty for Surgical Demonstration in 38th National Congress of the Association of Colon & Rectal Surgeons of India, on September 2015, New Delhi
  • Faculty for Surgical Demonstration in 39th Annual Conference of TN&P chapter of ASI at Madurai on 6th August 2015
  • Live Surgery workshop From Jaipur beamed in the IAGES 2015, held at Gurgaon, Delhi, on 13-15th February 2015
  • Faculty for Clinical Demonstration in 34th CME Programme for General Surgery Post Graduates at Govt. Rajaji Hospital, Madurai Medical College, Madurai on 07th February 2015
  • Live Surgery workshop beamed in the T&P ASICON – 38th Annual Conference of Tamil Nadu & Pondicherry Chapter of Association of Surgeons of India, held at Chennai on 7,8,9 & 10th August 2014 from LifeLine RIGID Hospitals Pvt., Ltd. (now LIMA Keyhole Surgery)
  • Every month visiting Rural Development Trust Hospital, Bathalpalli, as Surgical Tutor.
  • IAGES 2014 – 11th Biennial National Congress of Indian Association of Gastrointestinal Endo-Surgeons, SRM University, Kattankulathur, Chennnai 13th February 16th February 2014
  • Conducted Hernia CME & Live Surgery at LifeLine Institute of Minimal Access Surgery on 09th March 2014
  • Annual PG Course from 2009 to 2014
  • Annual Rapid Revision Course, SRMC from 1996 to 2013
  • Conducted Colorectal Workshop at LifeLine Institute of Minimal Access Surgery on 29th June 2013
  • Conducted 3D Workshop at LifeLine Institute of Minimal Access Surgery on 28th July  2013
  • IAGES – International Conclave on “Advance Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery Conference & Workshop, 21 & 22 September 2013, Bangalore
  • CELIO Scope 2013 – 1st National Live Advance Laparoscopic Workshop May 03rd to 05th, 2013

Various workshops conducted at various state chapter of ASI (operating faculty)

  • BHEL, Trichy (2014)
  • Trichy (2013)
  • Tanjore (2012)
  • Pondicherry (2011)
  • Madurai (2010)
  • Chennai (2009)
  • Nagercoil (2008)

Various workshops conducted at ASI National Conferences (operative workshops)

  • Chochin (2011)
  • Kolkata (2012)
  • Ahmedabad (2013)
Orations, Lectures and Presentations Delivered

14th December, 2013

Dr Ibrahim Bhyleum Oration
68th Annual State Conference TAMCON 2013 by IMA, Tamil Nadu State Branch

08th August 2014

Prof. S Vittal Oration on "Laparoscopic GI Onco Surgery - My Experience"
38th Annual Conference of TN & P ASICON 2014

Lectures delivered in Inter Medical Gastro Intestinal Meetings (IMGIM)

IMGIM is a congregation of medical and surgical gastro enterologists throughout Chennai.  From 2003 onwards, Dr JS Rajkumar has contributed and participated virtually in every meeting with a series of papers lectures and “How I Do It” videos! Some of them are listed below:

  • Lecture with video demo: Surgery in Pancreatitis
  • Lecture with video demo: Ulcerative Colitis Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy
  • Lecture: Laparoscopic Hysterectomy
  • Endoscopy Workshop: Conducted at LifeLine RIGID (now LIMA Keyhole Surgery) Under the Auspices of IMGIM with Prof. S. Subash
  • Lecture with video demo: Role of Surgery in Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding
  • Case Presentation: A Rare Complication of Trans Hiatal Oesophagectomy
  • How do I do it: Laparoscopic Transgastric Polypectomy
  • Lecture: Laparoscopic Fundoplication – Personal Series
  • Lecture with video demo: Surgical Approach to Pseudocysts of the Pancreas
  • Lecture with video demo: Laparoscopic Approach to Rectal Prolapse
  • Lecture with video demo: Stapler Haemorrhoidectomy
  • How do I do it: Laparoscopic Gastro Jejunostomy
  • Lecture: Bowel Injuries in Laparoscopic Surgeries
  • Lecture: GI Complications in HIV / AIDS Patients
  • Keynote Lecture: Bariatric Surgery
  • Lecture with video demo: Bile Duct Injuries in Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy
  • Lecture with video demo: Laparoscopic Anti Reflux Surgery
  • Lecture with video demo: Hand Assisted Laparoscopic Surgery Splenectomy
  • Lecture: Rare Cause of Acute Pancreatitis:- Parathyroid Tumour
  • Lecture: Rectal GIST
  • Lecture: Corrosive Oesophageal Stricture
  • Lecture: Solitary Rectal Ulcer Syndrome: Our Experience at Lifeline RIGID (now LIMA Keyhole Surgery)
  • Lecture: Laparoscopic Endoscopy
  • Lecture: Stem Cell Therapy in Chronic Liver Diseases

Selected Lectures Delivered at the Association of Surgeons (ASI) Meetings:

  • Lecture at ASI, Madurai: Portal Hypertension
  • Lecture at ASI, Coimbatore: Carcinoma – Stomach
  • Lecture at ASI, Nagapattinam: Incisional Hernia
  • Lecture at ASI, Chennai: Septic Shock
  • Lecture at ASI, Cochin: Laparoscopic Appendicectomy
  • Lecture at ASI, Cochin: Laparoscopic Anti Reflux Surgery
  • Lecture at ASI, Tuticorin: Upper GI Bleeding
  • Lecture at ASI, Kodaikanal: Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy HOW I DO IT…
  • Lecture at ASI, Chennai: Lecture    Acute Pancreatitis
  • Demo at ASI, Trivandrum: Endoscopic Thyroidectomy
  • Lecture at ASI, Trivandrum: Minimal Invasive Thyroid Surgery
  • Lecture at ASI, Trichy: Bariatric Surgery
  • Lecture at ASI City Chapter: Conducted R & R Endowment Lectures
  • Presented a paper at ASICON 2006, Varanasi: Cetriaxone – Sulbactum
  • Lecture at ASI City Chapter: Obesity Surgery
  • Lecture at AMASICON, Hyderabad: Obesity Surgery
  • Lecture at ASI, Trichy: Acute Pancreatitis
  • Lecture at ASI City Chapter: Laparoscopic Adrenalectomy
  • Lecture at ASI City Chapter: CME on Heartburn with Live LifeLine Hosiptals (now LIMA Keyhole Surgery)
  • Lecture at ASI City Chapter: Telecasts of Surgeries

Various Lectures on Obesity

  • Principles in Metabolic Surgery
  • Bariatric Surgery and Type II DM
  • Obesity and How to Treat It
  • Obesity – Fighting Fat
  • Obesity and GERD
  • Metabolic Syndrome and the Surgeon
  • Bariatric Surgery in Diabetes
  • Weight and Obstructive Sleep Apnea
  • Surgery for Obesity and Diabetes – A Reality
  • Surgical Treatment for Obesity
  • Obesity is a Legitimate Therapy for Diabetes
  • Obesity – An Epidemic and How to Treat It

Various Lectures on Reflux

  • Lecture on Anti Reflux Disease (ASI, Patna)
  • Laparoscopic Anti Reflux Surgery (ICS, Chennai)
  • GERD (IMA, Cuddalore)
  • Anti Reflux Disease (Annamalai University, Chidambaram)
  • Anti Reflux Surgery (IMA, Pondicherry)
  • Anti Reflux Surgery (Pondicherry Govt. Hospital, with Live Surgery Demo)
  • GERD & its Treatment (IMA, Perambur, Chennai)
  • Reflux Disease – What next (ICS, Chennai)
  • GERD (JSS Medical College)
  • Surgical Clinic, Chennai Reflux – The Whole Story (IMA-TAMPA Meeting at Halsted)
  • GERD (IMA, Karaikal)
  • Acid Peptic Disease & GERD (IMA, Kumbakonam)
  • Live Operative Demo Anti Reflux Surgery (Mahatma Gandhi College, Pondy)
  • Live Laparoscopic Toupet Fundoplication (Stanley Medical, under the aegis of ASI, TN & Pondy Chapter)
  • Reflux Disease in Children (IMA, Vizag)
  • Reflux (Thru Telemedicine, IMA, Theni)
  • Live Toupet Fundoplication (National Workshop of ICS, Pondy)
  • Advances in Gastro Enterology (Radisson Hotel, Chennai)

Various Lectures on Nutrition

  • “You and Your Nutrition” in 2002 at MOP Vaishnava College
  • Nutrition in the HIV / AIDS scenario at YRG & VHS, Adyar, Chennai
  • Participated every year at the Nutrition Conference Organised by SRMC & RI and deliver lectures on “Nutrition and Gut Diseases”.

Lectures on Miscellaneous Surgical and Medical topics

  • Diabetes Conference by Diabetes club, Bangalore – 245th & 25th August 2013
  • ISABEL Surgical Education –  Department of Surgery
  • 33rd BASICON 25th to 27th October 2013, Muzaffarpur
  • ROTASIA “Heritage” 2006-07, 16th to 18th February 2007, Chennai
  • HERNICON 2013, Trichy
  • HERNICON 2014, Ahmedabad
  • PSGCON, 2005 to 2013
  • PSGCON 13th & 14th July 2014
  • OSSICON 2007 to 2013
    • Goa 2008
    • Jaipur 2011
    • Delhi 2012
    • Hyderabad 2013
Teaching Experience

Examiner for FRCS

Non-Profit Activities in Surgical Field

Office Bearer or Mentor

  • Organizing Secretary of IAGES, 2014
  • Chairman of Association of Surgeons of India – TN & P Chapter, 2011-12
  • Founder Member, College of Surgeons of India
  • Mentor for Colorectal and Obesity Surgeries – Covedien
  • Mentor of Obesity, Hernia and Advanced Lap Surgeries – Ethicon
  • Mentor for Advance Laparoscopy – IAGES

Free Laparoscopic Camps

  • Thiruthani (2006)
  • Kavali (2004)
  • Nellore (1997)
  • Pondicherry (1996)
  • Bangalore (1995)
  • Siliguri (1996)
  • Bhubhaneshwar (1993)
  • Trivandrum (1995)
  • Neyveli (1995)
  • Mayiladuthurai (1994)
  • Kumbakonam (1994)

Free Tsunami Relief Work

  • From 30th December 2004 to 16 January 2005   Prof Rajkumar and his team of Doctors/Nurses and Paramedics visited the Tsunami affected areas of Nagapattinam, Cuddalore, Pondicherry etc.  Relief was provided which included vaccinations, water and food supplies, dressings for the injured and transportation to the hospital.  Hepatitis screening was also done

International Free Medical Camps

  • 5 day Surgical and Endoscopic Camps: Done in 1995, 1996, 1997, & 1998 from August 25th to August 30th on all the years, at Kotagala, Central Province, Sri Lanka, where up to 4,000 plantation workers were treated free each time, and several hundred endoscopies and surgeries were done free, with the auspices of Mr. Thondaiman of the Ceylon Worker’s Congress.
  • The 1st and 2nd free Laparoscopic Surgical Camps of the Republic of Maldives: In November 1996 and November 1997, at the Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital were conducted by Prof Rajkumar. Each time, about 15 major surgeries were performed free of charge.
Awards from various social bodies


Lifetime Achievement Award
Loyola Forum for Historical Research, Department of History, Loyola College, Chennai

January, 2008

"Significant Achievement" Award
Rotary International, District 2980

Awarded for outstanding performance to the welfare of humanity

December, 2007

Lifetime Achievement Award
Lions Club District 324-A6

October, 2006

Seva Ratna Award
PR Syndicate

In recognition of services to the society

June, 2006

Rtn. Dr N C Raghavachari Award

Awarded in recognition of exemplary service to the community, for the field of health

Jaunary, 2006

Dr V Chandrasekhar Gold Medal Endowment
IMA, Trichy

December, 2005

Rotary Club of Chenna Patna

Awarded in recognition of unstinted service to AIDS patients

July, 2004

Dr K S Sanjivi Award to Young Doctors with Social Commitment

In recognition of outstanding health and medicare services to poor and needy

April ,2004

Vaidya Ratna Award
Ved Vyas Sabh

Awarded by President of India Dr Abdul J Kalam

2002 - 2003

Award for Vocational Excellence
Rotary Club of Chennai Towers
Melville Jones Award
Lions Club

Awarded for distinguished Social Medical Service

Paul Harris Fellow (PHF)
Rotary International

July, 2012

Best Doctor Award
Dr M. G. R. Medical University

lifeline hospital chennai best speciality hospital


lifeline hospital chennai best speciality hospital