The Lifeline Hospital is committed to continuous learning, professional development, and growth. We encourage insightful questions and creative suggestions.


The Lifeline Hospital is a leading integrated medical facility that provides comprehensive health care. We engage several doctors, nurses, and paramedics. Our team includes clinical staff, management professionals, and experts belonging to other fields related to health care services.

We strongly believe that the passion and skill of our team members are crucial to our success. We always focus on fostering talent by ensuring a balanced work environment that motivates people. Our hospital encourages open communication and fosters team spirit.

The Lifeline Hospital is an ideal setting for medical professionals and paramedics who wish to practice medicine, conduct innovative research, and explore new frontiers.

Those who are looking for working at a global health care organization that has the potential to offer professional growth may join hands with us.


S.No Position Edu Qualification/Certification Specialty Experience
1 Clark Kent Nursing 15-20 Years
2 John Carter Nursing 15-20 Years
3 Peter Parker Nursing 15-20 Years

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